Unionists Right to Reject Rebellion Proposal

Cllr Timothy Gaston laying a wreath on Remembrance Sunday

Cllr Timothy Gaston laying a wreath on Remembrance Sunday

Statement by TUV Deputy Mayor for Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, Cllr Timothy Gaston:

“I welcome the fact that Mid and East Borough Council have had the common-sense to reject the proposal to send councillors on a jolly to learn about the Easter Rebellion of 1916.

“While there are those that wish to rewrite history to support their political agenda, it is not the place of Council to do so at ratepayers expense. Nor will it be tolerated that members are allowed to try and compare those British and Irish who fought and died bravely at the Somme, with those traitors who attempted a rebellion at home.

“Republicans seek to use these rebels to glorify and justify their terrorist deeds, while deliberately ignoring the story of the brave RIC and British Army who fought to supress their attempted rebellion. The Easter Rebellion, while a historical fact, is not inclusive in the way in which it is celebrated.

“TUV will not allow republicans to rewrite history now or ever.”

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