RHI scandal an embarrassment for Unionism

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“It is embarrassing for unionism that because of the DUP’s RHI scandal and issues such as perceived abuse by SpAds, that Sinn Fein can preen itself as it talks about the standards in government it expects.

“Of course, no other party will ever come close to the gutter where mass murder continues to be glorified and justified by the republican party. But, the self-inflicted damage by a party of unionism is shaming and undermining of the standards expected.

“RHI reeks, at best, of crass incompetence. Its handling was the very antithesis of good government. The lack of candour and attempts at diversion only make matters worse.

“Sinn Fein – which never explained or paid back the money claimed under the guise of “Research Services Ireland” – is in no position to lecture anyone. Moreover, being an apologist for bloodthirsty terrorism is in an amoral league all of its own. But no unionist party by its actions and inactions in government should ever have given Sinn Fein room to point the finger, no matter how many are pointing back at Connolly House.”

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