McGuinness is Unrepentant Terrorist, Not Man of Peace

Commenting on the announcement that Martin McGuinness has been nominated for the Tipperary International Peace Award TUV East Londonderry candidate Jordan Armstrong said:

“The people behind this award need to seriously reconsider. Martin McGuinness was, by his own admission, an IRA commander. The IRA was the most bloodthirsty terrorist organisation in Western Europe. It brought heartache and death to countless homes across Northern Ireland.

“McGuinness remains unrepentant about his role in that terrorism. What the Tipperary Peace Award Committee are really saying is that you can be involved in a terrorist organisation and be recognised for a contribution towards peace without expressing one scintilla of remorse or regret of the suffering you and your organisation caused.

“One wonders what the family of Frank Hegarty will make of this news. Remember that he was shot in the head by the IRA as an alleged informer after McGuinness gave them assurances that Frank would not be harmed if he came home to Londonderry.

“The recent comments of DUP MP Ian Paisley Jr about McGuinness saving lives have helped to feed into this twisted narrative.”

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