Actions, not Words, Show What SF Think of Kingsmill Victims

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“It is clear that the media, particularly the BBC, have decided to move the story on from the offence caused by McElduff and the disgraceful Sinn Fein/IRA response.

“Let’s be clear. For all the talk about O’Dowd’s comments on The View he belongs to the same Sinn Fein that thought so little of Kingsmills’ victims they ducked out of dealing with McElduff. Actions speak, not words.

“Now we are subjected to the tired old tactic of using the offensive actions and words of Republicans as a reason to get the IRA’s political apologists back in government.

“Unionists should not be carried away with this immoral propaganda. As Sammy Wilson has said McElduff showed that Sinn Fein/IRA are unfit to be in Stormont much less in an executive.

“Given the worse than useless Sinn Fein response – no attempt to explain McElduff’s actions and a three month suspension from a job he doesn’t do on full pay while both he and his party continue to style him as a Sinn Fein MP on various online platforms and he continues to work out of Sinn Fein offices – Unionists should unite in demanding that Northern Ireland move on from the failed system which requires Sinn Fein/IRA to be in government in order to have devolution.”

“In that regard it is time for DUP and Conservative MPs to follow through on their pledge to end Sinn Fein Westminster allowances.

“It’s time to call time on Sinn Féin’s arrogance and disrespect for victims.”

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