Why is the Victims Commissioner Silent on McElduff?

Following her silence in the wake of the Barry McElduff controversy TUV leader Jim Allister has written to Victims Commissioner Judith Thompson in the following terms:

Dear Ms Thompson,

Re Mocking of Kingsmill Massacre

As you must be aware on the anniversary of the Kingsmill Massacre Sinn Fein/IRA MP Barry McElduff chose to post a video of himself on social media with a loaf of Kingsmill bread on his head.

You are also doubtless aware of the many dignified comments of victims who have suffered as a result of that appalling attack in which they expressed their shock, hurt and outrage.

You say on your website that your “principal aim is to promote the interests of victims and survivors” yet you have been silent – just as you were after Martin McGuinness was cheered at the last Sinn Fein conference after his role in the IRA was mentioned.

You have boasted of seeking good relationships with all parties, including with Sinn Fein, (I have noted in previous correspondence your office was represented at the Sinn Fein conference but unable to make it to the unveiling of a memorial to the victims of the Enniskillen bomb) so, surely, you should be using your influence with the party to get them to take meaningful action against McElduff?

How can you claim to be representing the interests of victims and remain silent when they have been insulted in such a grossly hurtful manner?

Yours sincerity,
Jim Allister

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