Where Does Finucane Stand on Donaldson Murder?

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Following Sinn Fein/IRA candidate John Finucane’s refusal to comment on the murder of Edgar Graham it is worth remembering that the young Unionist politician wasn’t the only solicitor to be murdered by the IRA.

“In October 1979 John Donaldson was shot by the IRA as he left Andersonstown RUC station on a motorbike. He had just delivered a summons to require a police officer to appear in court to give evidence in a compensation claim by an Andersonstown family.

“The IRA admitted responsibility for the murder saying he was shot by mistake.

“The murder of Mr Finucane’s father is well known. The murder of Edgar Graham much less so. But the murder of 23-year-old John Donaldson is almost totally forgotten.

“Mr Finucane cannot masquerade as a campaigner for truth and justice while carrying the flag for the IRA’s political apologists in this election.”

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