Voting TUV Sends the Message that Unionism Has Nothing Left to Give

Statement by TUV East Londonderry candidate Jordan Armstrong:

“TUV has always argued that Sinn Fein is not in the government of Northern Ireland to make our Province work. Quite the opposite. Therefore any system which holds them at the heart of government is never going to work. You cannot make a success of Northern Ireland and then say you need a united Ireland. Republicans have a vested interest our Province being in a constant state of crisis in order to “prove” their claim that it is a failed political entity.

“Republicans are quite open about saying that after the election the DUP won’t get their Ministerial cars, SpAds and other perks of office back unless a price is paid. They intend to hold the political gun to the DUP’s head and once the price has been paid you can be sure that they will be back for more again, again and again.

“This election, therefore, is a dangerous moment for Unionism because those who need Sinn Fein as partners in their undemocratic form of government will be tempted to feed the crocodile to keep the perks of office.

“A key role of TUV will be to be the watchdog against a train of concessions. Every vote cast for a TUV candidate on Thursday will make life more difficult for those who would consider selling out to Republicans.

“With TUV Unionists know that they will get principled opposition to Sinn Fein/IRA 24/7. We don’t talk tough at election time only to cut deals with Republicans once polling day is over. A vote for TUV makes it clear that Unionism has nothing left to give.”

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