Vote for the Same Old Parties and Get More of the Same

Statement by TUV East Belfast candidate Andrew Girvin:

“Going round the doors it is clear that the public are fed up with Stormont and hold it in contempt. It is seen as a mess with Cash for Ash just the latest in a litany of scandals.

“My message to the public is clear – voting for the same old parties or sitting at home and allowing those same old parties to be returned by default only ensures more of the same. More of the same failure. More of the same scandal. More of the same deadlock.

“TUV offers people in this election the chance to shake things up and vote for a party which is radically different.

“While others are notorious for exploiting the Stormont gravy train TUV is known for highlighting waste and squander.

“While others seek at best to patch failed devolution back together again TUV wants to move away from what has failed in the past to voluntary coalition where parties which can actually agree govern together while those who cannot agree form an opposition and an alternative government at the next election. Failing that, we should scrap the executive and have rule by British Ministers who are accountable to the Assembly.

“While others talk tough when it comes to Sinn Fein at election time with TUV you know you will get principled opposition to the Republican agenda 24/7.

“You know where you stand with TUV – and equally you know you will get more of the same failure if you vote for the parties which brought us this mess.”

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