Victims Commissioner Fails to Comment on Celebration of Victim Maker

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“After victims contacted me to express their shock and disappointment at the attendance of representatives of the Victims Commission at the recent Sinn Fein/IRA Ard Feis I wrote to Commissioner Thompson raising a number of concerns. The Commissioner failed a second time to provide any explanation as to why no one from her office could attend the unveiling of the Enniskillen Bomb Memorial but she has been able to confirm that two were able to make it to the Sinn Fein event in Dublin.

“Tellingly, Ms Thompson does not answer my question about expressing a view about the celebration of McGuinness’s membership of a terrorist organisation and its impact on victims.

“When a Commissioner for victims sends representatives to an event where the loudest cheer is reserved for when someone is described as a “proud member” of a terrorist organisation and she cannot even comment on the hurt and offence such celebration of terror causes one has to question the point of having a Commissioner at all.”

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