Varadkar barking up the wrong tree

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Varadkar’s speech in Belfast today was not just disrespecting of our nation’s democratic Brexit decision but a classic diversion from his own country needing to face up to the reality that his most important trading partner, whether he likes it or not, is leaving the EU. As the UK strides forward to trade with the world the Republic is tied to the failed EU and its punitive trading tariffs.

“The UK holds out the offer of free trade with the EU, but it is Brussels which is insisting on a tariff border and it is that which will crucify the Republic’s economy. So, Mr Varadkar would be better employed in trying to get his EU partners to temper their idealogical, border-building stance, rather than hectoring others over their democratic choice.

“It is the EU’s belligerence which will see an economic border and crippling 18% tariff on the Republic’s agricultural imports into the UK – an export void which Northern Ireland producers will happily fill, tariff free! It is Brussels, not London or Belfast, that needs to change tact and this is where Dublin’s Prime Minister should focus his fire.”

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