TUV Welcome Ruling on Bloody Sunday Soldiers

Statement by TUV East Londonderry Assembly candidate Jordan Armstrong:

“Unlike many terrorists in Northern Ireland the former paratroops have made clear that they will co-operate with police.

“I welcome the fact that they will not be arrested and will be interviewed in Great Britain instead of being detained and brought to Northern Ireland. This will mean, as the judge noted, that they will be able to return to their homes during the interview period.

“The PSNI, having received this very public rap on the knuckles, need to take a hard look at how they are dealing with the whole Bloody Sunday issue. If case like Claudy and Enniskillen received a fraction of the attention lavished on Bloody Sunday I have no doubt that we would not only see people facing questioning but people behind bars long before now.

“That, of course, would however destabilise the pro-Republican process and therefore isn’t permitted by the powers that be.”

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