TUV warns against DUP sell out on Irish Language Act

Statement by TUV leader JimAllister:-

“The DUP and ‘Never’ has an alarming record when it comes to staying the course.

“Hence my concern that for the sake of power we will see a catastrophic rollover by the DUP on an Irish Language Act.

“An Irish Language Act is not just unnecessary and foolhardy on financial grounds but, much more importantly, it would become the vehicle to hollow out our Britishness and, in particular, would turn the public service and its jobs into a cold house for Unionists.

“The evil genius of bestowing official status on Irish through an Irish Language Act is that it activates the transformation of the public service into an employer where preferment will favour Irish speakers. Hence, the reason why it is such a key part of Sinn Fein’s long game – with Adams demanding an Act “with muscle”. That is how it was used in the Republic of Ireland by de Valera and how it would undoubtedly unfold within Northern Ireland.

“How the DUP could even contemplate such a kamikaze course is staggering. It is time for far thinking Unionists in that party to take a stand on this pivotal issue.”

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