TUV warns against DUP concessions

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“There is a looming danger of the DUP paying far too high a price for the return of devolution. Attempting to meet the insatiable demands of Sinn Fein has never worked out well for unionism. We saw that graphically illustrated in the DUP/Sinn Fein Stormont House Agreement, where the foolish price of special status and funding for Legacy Inquests was paid, now leading to the prospect of historic prosecutions of members of the security forces.

“With Sinn Fein happy to sit back and wait for a DUP desperate for power to fill their boots with concessions, Unionism needs to recognise that it is not in our long term interests to become beholden to those who have no interest in making Northern Ireland work. Constantly feeding the Sinn Fein meter in a non-unionist Assembly is the road to an endless and humiliating round of concessions.

“The DUP seems to have no red lines in these negotiations, rather a “whatever it takes” mentality. This is profoundly dangerous. There are more important strategic and long term interests for unionism than getting this flawed Stormont limping along again.”

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