TUV Secure Improvements for Bannside

Alderman Stewart McDonald inspects recent patch work at Ahoghill Play Park

Alderman Stewart McDonald inspects recent patch work at Ahoghill Play Park

Statement by Cllr Timothy Gaston, Mayor of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council:

“During the summer months Alderman McDonald and I invited the Director of Operations of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council to accompany us around Bannside to show him first hand the needs within the rural villages and hamlets.

“We have made the point repeatedly to Council, and again to the Director of Operations, that Council needs to invest to bring all of its existing facilities up to standard and that central to that investment is the health and wellbeing of our communities. That is of paramount importance to TUV.

“It was encouraging to see the Director take action – we secured gym equipment on the Ballymena Road and Ahoghill Play Park, as well as showing the huge potential of Tobar Park green which could become a safe hub for the children of Cullybackey.”

Echoing the comments, Alderman Stewart McDonald said:

“TUV have been working hard across Bannside, and am glad we are starting to see positive results. I am greatly impressed by the gym equipment which we secured – but more work needs to be done. The surface in Ahoghill Play Park was still an issue and I am glad to see some patched areas

“I am also pleased to confirm that TUV have secured that Ahoghill Play Park and Cullybackey Play Park are to be completely resurfaced in the next 20 weeks.

“Rate payers and their families deserve the best that Council can provide. Therefore, targeted investment by Council is key to ensure facilities are accessible, modern and most of all used regularly.”

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