TUV responds to Arlene Foster’s speech

Statement by Jim Allister:-

“While Arlene Foster said many of the right things on Brexit – the onus is on the DUP to hold the line to ensure we leave as one nation – her offering on devolution was pitiful.

“Instead of recognising that mandatory coalition is a busted flush and take the opportunity of her party’s influence at Westminster to insist on workable institutions at Stormont, the focus is still to get back into government structures which will never work. Policy built on beseeching Sinn Fein to come back is visionless , made worse by offering to feed their insatiable Irish language demands.

“Mrs Foster has no mandate to concede Irish language legislation – given the basis of her last Assembly election campaign. Yet, today, again, she was offering to concede the principle of unnecessary Irish language legislation. With or without the figleaf of supposed Ulster Scots promotion, there can be no justification for ensconcing in law language rights which will be exploited to further hollow out our Britishness and turn the public service into a cold house for non-Irish speakers. This is a price no Unionist should pay, even for the perceived kudos of being Joint First Minister.”

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