TUV Respond to Bluster at DUP Manifesto Launch

Statement by TUV North Antrim Assembly candidate Councillor Timothy Gaston:

“For all the talk about resisting Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams at the DUP manifesto launch the reality is that since 2007 the DUP has kept Sinn Fein in power, with McGuinness as joint First Minister. Now they tell the public to ignore their RHI scandal and vote DUP under the pretence of keeping their Sinn Fein partner out!

“There will only be an Executive if the DUP pays Sinn Fein’s ransom of more concessions and there could only be a Sinn Fein First Minister if the DUP nominates a deputy First Minister. They won’t tell you if they would. Preventing a Sinn Fein First Minister lies in their own hand.

“So, don’t be DUPed. Vote with your conscience against the scandal and squander of Stormont. A vote for TUV is the strongest anti-Sinn Fein vote you can cast in this election.”

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