TUV Publish Document Spelling Out Dangers of Irish Language Act

Following comments by Adams again reiterating the Sinn Fein position that there can be no return of devolution without an Irish Language Act TUV has today launched a social media publication opposing an Irish Language Act.

Commenting Jim Allister said,

“No matter how it is deceptively packaged, the inescapable purpose of an Irish Language Act is to hollow out the Britishness of Northern Ireland. It is political in its intent.

“Many of its proponents duck and dive on what an Irish Language Act would contain, but the game-plan is clear from the Sinn Fein ‘consultation’ published in 2015 on its proposed ILA. Hence, in our publication we have set out the far-reaching impact of an ILA, recited how the Irish language sector is already generously feted, reminded the reader of the weaponisation of Irish by militant republicanism and how implementation would discriminate against non-Irish speakers in public service recruitment.

“There is no room for compromise on this issue, nor dressing it up along with some sop to Ulster Scots. Thus, it requires a robust rejection from across the Unionist community and indeed from everyone who recognises there are far more deserving priorities for public expenditure.”

You can download the document here.


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