TUV Objects to Book of Condolence for McGuinness

Joint statement by Councillors Boyd Douglas and William Blair and Alderman Sharon McKillop:

“The decision of the SDLP Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens to open a book of condolence to self-confessed IRA commander McGuinness is an unnecessarily divisive act. It is insulting to many victims of IRA violence who have had to listen to nauseating praise of someone whose wicked terrorist organisation visited death and destruction upon many families in Ulster.

“Quite apart from the suffering of those who lost loved ones and those who carry the physical scars to this day there are many families across Northern Ireland where invisible physiological wounds cause anguish. In many cases this is only known about by those who are closest to them.

“We do not recall the council opening a book of condolence to mark the passing of an IRA victim after years of suffering.

“We would call upon the deputy Mayor to speak out against the opening of this book and other Unionists to join TUV in seeking to call in the decision to open the book.

“Decisions such as this should at least go before the council group leaders meeting – if not the full council – so that controversy and offence are avoided.”

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