TUV moves Conference to Spring

Statement by TUV:-

“TUV has decided to switch its annual conference to the spring in order to better align with the normal electoral cycle. With the next scheduled election being the Local Government elections in Spring 2019, we see value in having our conference in alignment.

“However, TUV is holding a luncheon event on Saturday 11th November 2017 in Royal Hotel, which will be open to the media from 2pm when the party leader, Jim Allister, will make a keynote speech on the way ahead for Northern Ireland.

“Commenting Jim Allister said, ‘When TUV was founded ten years ago one of its principles and objective was:
“To ensure that any system of executive devolution is compatible with the democratic principles and precedents prevailing elsewhere in the United Kingdom”.

“Thus we have long maintained that the contrived system of mandatory coalition was bound to fail. Recent events speak for themselves. Increasingly others – including some which have been highly critical of TUV – say that they now too hold this position.

“It is time to sweep aside the wreckage of failed mandatory coalition and identify a better way. TUV is up to that challenge, strengthened by the vindication of recent events.”

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