TUV is the Only Party Opposing McGuinness as co-First Minister

Responding to comments by Arlene Foster TUV leader Jim Allister said:

“The DUP have kept Sinn Fein in government since 2007. Yet now in the run up to an election, as they have done before, Mrs Foster resorts to the scare tactic that you must vote DUP to keep Sinn Fein out.

“Such nonsense!

“It is the DUP which has kept Sinn Fein/IRA in power and will again make IRA godfather, Martin McGuinness, Joint First Minister.

“Vote DUP – get Sinn Fein.

“When they were told that the IRA Army Council controlled Sinn Fein what was the DUP response? To go back into government with them!

“It is by voting TUV Unionists will make their anti-Sinn Fein vote really count.”

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