TUV Gives Unionists Opportunity to Give Their Verdict

Statement by TUV leader and Euro election candidate Jim Allister:

“In the past weeks I have travelled the length and breadth of Northern Ireland and am very encouraged by the response. Unionists recognize that these elections give them a chance to answer back on the skullduggery and corruption of the so called Peace process, something which TUV has long challenged. The OTR scandal proves that no matter how audacious the IRA’s demands were, the craven British government rolled over, leaving us a criminal justice and political process that was corrupted. Claiming to be outraged Mr Robinson declared he would resign, unless he got a full judicial inquiry, naming names and rescinding the letters. Mr Robinson couldn’t even keep up his faux anger for 24 hours, before he reverted to form and rolled over; settling for a meaningless secret review of some of papers, but no rescinding and no naming of names. Mr Robinson even said he had been hoodwinked into government. Well, if so, the obvious question is, ‘Why, then, is he still in government with Sinn Fein ?’

“TUV is the only party to have taken on Sinn Fein and won. For 14 years they had been appointing Provo killers as Special Advisers on £90,000 a year of public money. Well, no more, thanks to this party and Ann’s Law. TUV is the friend of innocent victims; others, alas, in government are the friends of the victim-makers.

“We championed the case against the odious Maze project. Mrs Dodds and the rest of the DUP did nothing to stop it, till the united unionist petition pulled the rug from under them.
“This election has the potential for a political earthquake in Ulster. Only TUV can deliver that.”

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