TUV enters election battle in West Tyrone

In response to local demand, though it has never fought an election in West Tyrone, TUV is entering the electoral fray in the constituency.

We are delighted that Charlie Chittick, former DUP councillor, will be our standard bearer. Mr Chittick, a family man from the Beragh area, diligently represented Mid Tyrone for 9 years (2005-14) on the council, where he gained considerable experience and chaired various committees.

He saw service as a part-time UDR soldier and has worked throughout his career as a telecommunications engineer. A committed Christian and member of the Loyal Orders, he also serves as treasurer of his local Credit Union.

Charlie Chittick, who served on the DUP’s Central Executive, left the party due to its present policies and conduct. He joined TUV because he sees it as representing principle and integrity in politics and because of its consistent stand against the failures of the Stormont system.

Commenting Mr Chittick said, “We can’t go on as we are. Stormont is an unbelievable mess and sticking with the failed policies of the present executive parties will only produce more of the same failure and squander. I find the principled stand of TUV, as the authentic voice of traditional unionism, is resonating more and more with ordinary voters.

“My candidature arises from voters urging me to stand because they felt they had no one to vote for. Now through TUV they will be able to demonstrate firm rejection of the squander and shambles of Stormont. I urge all democrats unhappy with the mess at Stormont to give me their Number 1 vote on 2nd March”

TUV leader Jim Allister, said he was delighted to have Charlie Chittick standing for the party and giving the people of West Tyrone the opportunity to vote TUV. “TUV has long proclaimed this Stormont system is unsustainable and would inevitably implode. Now that it has the reality that Sinn Fein was never in Stormont to make Northern Ireland work is clearer than ever. Thus going back to more failure is fast losing its appeal with the voters.

“TUV’s vision of voluntary coalition as the only workable form of devolution is more apt than ever. And, unless and until that can be achieved then British ministers should form the Executive, but this time be fully accountable to the local Assembly. We can’t go on lurching from crisis to crisis. Our people need government. What they have had is a dysfunctional mess, crowned now by the scandal and squander of RHI.

“It is by voting TUV No. 1 that people can show their disapproval of the present shambles at Stormont. Voting for the same again will only guarantee more of the same – the very thing that isn’t working. So, I invite and encourage the people of West Tyrone to give their first preference vote to Charlie Chittick.”

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