TUV Councillors Comment on GAA Funding Row

Joint statement by TUV Alderman Sharon McKillop and Councillor William Blair:

“We are deeply disappointed that the funding of Glenariff Community Centre was approved at a meeting of Causeway Coast and Glens Council without conditions.

“It is particularly disappointing that the council did not attach a condition that the gates which commemorate two IRA terrorists should be removed.

“This only took place because some Unionists sided with Republicans on the Council.

” We only have to look back a few years to see how the Union Flag was ripped down from City Hall because Republicans, Nationalists and Alliance joined forces. Sadly in Causeway Coast and Glens we could not have unity across the Unionist family on an issue which genuinely is offensive to many in the community, particularly innocent victims.

“Those who partner Sinn Fein/IRA in Stormont should not, however, fain outrage at this. It is rank hypocrisy to be the buddies of Sinn Fein in the executive – an executive which will no doubt like the last one dole out millions to GAA clubs linked to terrorism – and pretend to be the hard men and women of local government.

“For our part we would like to see legislation brought in which bans the awarding of public funds to any facility which is named after someone who has broken the law.

“Such legislation would ensure the rights and sensitivities of victims are respected and violence is not glamorised in the minds of upcoming generations.

“As for the nonsense about equality of funding it is a fact that for many years Bushmills has been discriminated against in terms of funding from local government and this is reflected in the state of services in the area. Similarly, when it comes to Ballymoney many projects have failed to obtain support.

“In any respect, the key issue in this debate was the glorification and justification of terrorism. We are deeply disappointed that the council failed to take a stand on this issue.”

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