TUV Congratulate Broughshane

Statement by Jim Allister, MLA for North Antrim:

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Broughshane Community Association and indeed the wider community for their hard work which has resulted in Broughshane being recognised as the national village of the year.

“This is a tremendous achievement to be recognised as the UKs top village. This required leadership to inspire and organise, and local volunteers to put in hard work that has well and truly paid off.

“Well done to everyone involved, you have made us all proud.”

Cllr Brian Collins, TUV representative for Braid continued:

“I am absolutely delighted that Broughshane has been nationally recognised as village of the year. In winning this prestigious event they have not only got the recognition, but have won £10,000 to be spent on a community project to promote tourism.

“The community spirit and hard work put in by the volunteers has been inspiring.

“Well done to all.”

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