Time to Move on to Something That Works

Statement by TUV East Antrim candidate Councillor Ruth Wilson:

“When Unionists vote in this election they should remember Arlene Foster’s words back in January when she warned that under the current system Sinn Fein
“can bring down the Northern Ireland Executive whenever they don’t get their way, whatever the cost to Northern Ireland again, and again, and again, and again.”

“There in lies the heart of the problem. The Belfast Agreement gifts Republicans the ability to topple the government of a state they do not believe in as and when they choose.

“This is why TUV argues that we need to move away from the current system and towards either voluntary coalition where parties which can agree form a government which can be removed by the electorate at the next election or accountable direct rule where British Minister exercise executive functions but have to pass their legislative program through the Assembly.

“The current system has failed and has left Northern Ireland in what seems to be in a constant state of political crisis.

“Surely after almost 20 years of Humpty Dumpty devolution it’s time to move on. TUV alone has offered a radical alternative which makes the government of Northern Ireland work for the people.”

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