Time to Move on from ‘Humpty Dumpty Devolution’

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“This is an election in which many voters, including many previous DUP voters, are seriously – and quite rightly – questioning both their own previous voting patterns and the value of hanging on to a Stormont that is clearly not capable of working.

“Disappointment with the mess at Stormont is causing thinking voters to see that if they vote for the same again, they will get more of the same – the very thing that has failed repeatedly before their eyes.

“Anyone who had in hope bought into the narrative that Sinn Fein was committed to making Stormont work has had a rude awakening. The reality that Sinn Fein was never in government to make Northern Ireland work is clearer than ever. Thus, a system built on insisting Sinn Fein must be in government will never work. Hence, the growing realisation that if this is the only form of Stormont on offer we’d be better without it.

“TUV has long maintained that Sinn Fein has never wanted or intended Northern Ireland to work. As this becomes clearer many are being drawn to the TUV analysis and realising it is time to stop propping up the very thing which Sinn Fein is using to its own destructive advantage.

“Only devolution based on a coalition of the willing will eve work. There is only so many times the con of pretending to put back together again ‘Humpty Dumpty Devolution’ can be perfected.”

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