Time for Unionists to Demand Fundamental Rights

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“With Republicans demanding a “rights based” society with various political demands dressed up in fluffy language it is far past the point where Unionists demanded the fundamental rights others take for granted in a democracy but which are denied in Northern Ireland.

“Rather than committing to a resumption of the failed institutions all democrats in Northern Ireland should unite in demanding fundamental democratic rights, namely the universal right to have a system where parties can be voted out of government and the people have the right to change their government.

“All of which is denied by the mandatory coalition system which DUP wishes to re establish. If Sinn Fein wants to talk rights then why do they stand in the way of these basic democratic rights and why is DUP not putting it up to them?

“With Unionists holding the balance of power at Westminster there has never been a better time for Unionists to not only demand change but achieve it. If these flaws in Northern Ireland’s devolution are not rectified now they never will be.”

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