Time for Republic to stop huffing

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“ROI politicians, and indeed local nationalist Remainers, need to decouple their nationalist agenda from the Brexit negotiations if they want a sensible outcome.

“Thinking they can pull a fast one by demanding the removal of the border to the Irish Sea is as futile as it is green politicking. There are no circumstances in which a border can exist between integral parts of the United Kingdom. Mr Varadkar needs to grow up and abandon his childish “I’m not playing” stance or his UK-dependant country will be the biggest loser.

“Of course, the best solution for the Republic is itself to leave the EU and seek to be part of a British Isles trading block, but that is a matter in the first instance for them. We have made our choice. We are leaving the EU and Dublin needs to face that reality.”

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