The Constitutional and Economic Integrity of the U.K. must not be Compromised

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“It is a principle of both constitutional and economic importance that Northern Ireland’s leaving of the EU must be as complete and unequivocal as every other part of the United Kingdom.

“We must not be left in a state of limbo one step removed from our own United Kingdom single market by keeping one foot in the EU single market. To require Northern Ireland to retain and maintain the regulatory regime of the EU single market while the rest of the UK is unshackled from Brussels regulation is not acceptable because such then, inevitably, creates barriers for us across the Irish Sea.

“Likewise, imposing a common customs tariff approach which allies us to that of the Republic would divorce us from the freedom and growth which leaving the EU is about in terms of unfettered enjoyment of the benefits of new trade deals.

“Thus, much of today’s media suggestions of a possible UK/EU deal on the border is not what I’d expect any unionist with an effective veto at Westminster to accept.”

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