Stormont for Sinn Fein is a waiting room for Irish unity

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“Having reiterated that Sinn Fein’s overriding goal is “the end of partition” (or destruction of Northern Ireland as a part of the United Kingdom, as the majority see it), Declan Kearney’s unabashed declaration that “Sinn Féin being in government North and South is an intermediate objective to the success of that strategy”, should confirm to even the slowest unionist that the DUP’s government partner for the last decade is interested in the failure, not the success, of Northern Ireland. Hence, the utter folly of trying to again put together the Stormont regime.

“In his latest bellicose diatribe against anyone who dares to stand in his way, Kearney could not be clearer: Stormont is but a stepping stone, with an Irish Language Act a prop along the way.

“It’s time those Unionists who demonstrate their desperation to get back into government with Sinn Fein – proclaiming they have “no red lines”- got off their knees and recognised mandatory coalition with Sinn Fein for what it is, a waiting room for Irish unity.”

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