Stop SF MP Expenses Following McElduff Video

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Sinn Fein have thumbed their nose at the victims of Kingsmill because they think they are untouchable. It’s time they were made to pay. And there is a way that Unionists can deliver just that.

“On 30th June 2010 Nigel Dodds secured a debate in Westminster Hall. The debate was on expenses granted to Sinn Fein MPs. In the course of that debate he quite properly quoted a number of prominent Tories who had opposed the measure when it was brought in by the Blair government.

“The most tellingly quote was from the Member for Maidenhead, Teresa May, who said:
“The issue before us is not about the Northern Ireland peace process or about the resumption of the Assembly; it is about the role of Members of parliament, what it means to sit in the House and the nature of the job of being an elected representative of this place. It is primarily on that basis that we oppose the action that the Government are seeking to take and will be voting against the motions.”

“Mr Dodds went on to say:
“We look forward to the Secretary of State, other members of the Government and Government Back Benchers fulfilling their clear, unambiguous promise and commitment to ensuring that millions of pounds of public money are not wasted, as at present, through a two-tier system for Members of Parliament.”

“Strangely the DUP deal with the Tories made no mention of removing these allowances but now, in the wake of the McElduff video, it is surely time to revisit what Ian Paisley Jr has described as “a scar on Parliament”.

“It will doubtless come as a shock to many that in West Tyrone alone records indicate that Sinn Fein have claimed almost £900,000 in expenses since 2010-11 without turning up to vote or speak a single time on behalf of their constituents.

“Surely now DUP and Conservative MPs should followed through on their pledge to end Sinn Fein Westminster allowances.

“It’s time to call time on Sinn Féin’s arrogance and disrespect for victims.”

Note to editors

You can read the 2010 debate on Sinn Fein Westminster allowances here.

You can view MP expense claims here.

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