Sinn Fein’s anti-Brexit agenda must be resisted at all costs

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“It is becoming increasingly clear that after the election Sinn Fein, as part of its rising demand for a concession-Fest, will try to roll-over the UK Government on the vital issue of Brexit, as it affects Northern Ireland.

“As well as putting the gun to the DUP’s head for fresh local concessions, Sinn Fein is readying itself to try and prise from Mrs May – as part of its price for continuing with devolution – a blunting of our leaving of the EU.

“The nonsense being talked by Sinn Fein about ‘Special Status’ for Northern Ireland within the EU must be vigorously resisted. We joined the EU as one nation and we must leave it as one nation, not with one part with one foot in and one foot out. Such would be wholly destructive of the integrity and unity of the United Kingdom, though, in keeping, of course, with Sinn Fein’s ambition to break up the UK.

“Brexit, I believe, lies at the heart of Sinn Fein’s Stormont hissy fit. They see the all-island harmonisation which the EU engendered fading and with it their dream for Irish unity. Hence their disinclination to be part of a devolved UK structure which would have to oversee such.

“The United Kingdom Government must give no quarter to Sinn Fein, and others, on this core issue, which goes to the heart of the integrity of the UK. It is a key function of Northern Ireland’s unionist MPs to ensure this does not happen. Defending the integrity of the United Kingdom is more important than the baubles of office at Stormont. I trust none will deviate.”

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