Shots Fired at Republican Wake

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Far from the IRA going away we have shots fired over a coffin in a street in Belfast. Where did the weapons and ammunition come from? Many will share my belief that this is yet more evidence of the sham of decommissioning. Let’s not forget that decommissioning was supposedly a major requirement before Sinn Fein were permitted to enter the executive.

“Following hard on the heels of the shooting of a police office this is yet further proof of the militancy of Republicans at this time.

“Shows of strength such as this fit into the Republican agenda very nicely as they seek to ramp up the pressure for concessions in return for getting the Stormont show back on the road after the election.

“There are serious questions for the police here. Were no officers in the area at the time? If not, why not? It would seem to me that they should have anticipated that something of this nature could take place following Notarantonio’s death.”

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