Republican Parade in Lurgan Raises Serious Questions for PSNI

Commenting after this afternoon’s parade by masked men in Lurgan Upper Bann TUV Assembly candidate Roy Ferguson said:

“The events on Saturday afternoonunderscored once again that there are parts of Lurgan where Republicans effectively do as they please.

“If this had been a Loyal Order parade the PSNI would have been present in numbers to ensure the letter of the law was observed. Yet Republicans have been permitted to put on a show of strength with masked men with no arrests.

“This is a totally unacceptable state of affaire s and I will be contacting the PSNI to demand an explanation as to why the terrorist show of strength was permitted to take place and how they propose to bring those involved before the courts.

“It was predictable that the events of this weekend would be used to glorify terrorism. I hope that Lurgan hasn’t sent the standard for the PSNI response.”

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