Parties Moving to TUV Ground – But Only TUV Addresses the Root of the Problem

Statement by TUV East Londonderry candidate Jordan Armstrong:

“Two events yesterday highlighted the fact that TUV is making its presence felt on the political scene.

“First we had the UUP manifesto launch where they majored in their five point plan to “clean up Stormont”. The first of these – to make Special Advisers accountable – comes from Jim Allister’s last SpAd Bill which was voted down by the DUP and Sinn Fein. TUV’s proposals would also have cut both the wages and number of Stormont SpAds. Another of the points in the UUP document is about transparency on donations to political parties. This is something TUV has campaigned for for years, even when the UUP opposed it.

“The UUP also pledge to stop the use of the Petition of Concern to protect political parties. DUP leader Arlene Foster also commented on the Petition of Concern yesterday saying that she wanted to see it scrapped.

“The undemocratic nature of the Petition of Concern is something TUV has long highlighted and called to be banished.

“The belated recognition that TUV was right on these issues is of course welcome. However, it remains the case that even if all these changes were made it would amount to tinkering at the edges of a fundamentally broken system.

“TUV alone is demanding the fundamental structural change needed to get Northern Ireland government that works. Every vote for TUV is a demand for voluntary coalition so that those who can agree form a government while those who cannot form an opposition and provide an alternative at the next election.

“But if that cannot be delivered we are clear that British ministers should take over the Executive functions while their laws and actions should be subject to the Assembly, so as to secure local accountability.

“No more incompetence and corruption. It’s time to drain the swamp.”

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