Paramilitary Report Farcical

Statement by TUV Councillor Andrew Girvin:

“Today’s report published by the First Ministers and Justice Minister into paramilitaries is farcical.

” Remember that the Executive only pretended to be exercised about the issue after Her Majesty’s Government produced a report which told us that the IRA not only existed but it had an Army Council, access to weapons and had been involved in murder.

“Yet neither the IRA nor its wicked Army Council merit a mention in this report!

” Furthermore, the report is signed off by Martin McGuinness whose party is still overseen by the IRA Army Council!

“It is clear that the Executive not only doesn’t have any notion about how to deal with paramilitaries but has a vested interest in the public forgetting about the key role which one paramilitary group plays in the government of our Province”.

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