Parades Commission Decision on Veterans’ Rally Irresponsible

In a statement on behalf of the TUV Councillor Association, secretary Cllr Stephen Cooper said:

“We are dismayed by the decision of the Parades Commission to permit a counter demonstration by Republicans on Friday, coinciding with the Justice For Northern Ireland Veterans (JFNIV) protest at City Hall.

“At worst those organising the Republican counter protest should have been required to delay their parade until well after the JFNIV protest was over.

“There is clearly potential for Republicans to cause trouble, something which has been facilitated by the Parades Commission’s irresponsible decision to permit the parade at the time which they have agreed.

“We would appeal to the Parades Commission to revisit this decision at the earliest opportunity and give primacy to the rule of law and the prevention of any opportunity for republican violence in our capital city.

“I trust the PSNI will have sufficient resources deployed to ensure our courageous veterans will be afforded protection from those they stood against for so many years throughout their campaign of terror and devastation.”

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