Pan nationalist front at it again

Statement by TUV Leader Jim Allister:-

“With the ‘Haass initiated’ process due to resume this week, it is clearer than ever that the Haass agenda is further diminution of our Britishness. Hence, Haass’ recent demand for an Irish Language Act. Remembering that Haass bracketing discussion of the flying of the Union flag with developing a strategy to promote ‘Irishness’, it is clear where he would take us. Allied with the urge to abandon all pursuit of terrorists from the past and subject parading to jumping through even greater hoops, it is no surprise that the pan nationalist front of Sinn Fein, SDLP and the foolish Alliance Party are the chief cheer leaders for this process and its attempted resuscitation.

“For any unionist participant tempted to succumb to the orchestrated pressure that comes with such a process, before losing the run of yourself, remember to look over your shoulder at the 100,000 unionists who recently voted for neither of Sinn Fein’s unionist partners in government! Unionism has nothing left to give.”

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