Over to You Mr O Muilleoir

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“The resignation of Barry McElduff is welcome but let us be in no doubt as to what brought it about.

“The harrowing but dignified comments of victims, especially those of the sole survivor of the Massacre, Alan Black, have forced this. The potential for electoral damage to Sinn Fein, particularly south of the border, was clear.

“Sinn Fein thought that this would blow over but victims ensured that was impossible. Now, in an attempt at damage limitation McElduff has been pushed.

“Though McElduff has belatedly done the right thing, what about Mairtin O Muilleoir who thought it appropriate to approvingly retweet the video? If it is right for McElduff to resign – and it is – then, let sincerity, not expediency, be demonstarted by O’Muilleoir following suit.

“There is no one better at the phoney Sinn Fein speak of respect and equality than O Muilleoir. Yet since this controversy arose he has been conspicuous by his absence from the airwaves. He needs to follow the example of McElduff and exit the stage. Should he fail to do so no Unionist should ever again let him away with his sanctimonious lectures.

“It is also time Sinn Fein and indeed wider Nationalism in the form of the SDLP looked at how they can address the hurt felt by the Kingsmill families. A very tangible way to do so is to revisit the decision to name a play park in Newry after the terrorist arrested with a gun used in the Kingsmill Massacre.”

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