Outrageous Decision Terror Play Park

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Regardless of the spin which will doubtless follow tonight’s decision there can be no doubt about its impact. They have effectively voted to keep a play park named after a man arrested with a rifle used in the Kingsmills Massacre.

“This is the equality and respect delivered by Sinn Fein/IRA and the SDLP. This is something of the Ireland of Equals Republicans talk about. This is the true face of those who day and daily lecture others on rights.

“Unless or until this decision is reversed all talk from nationalist parties – whether Sinn Fein or SDLP – about human rights should be answered simply with Raymond McCreesh Play park.

“There is no more fundamental human right than the right to life. There can no greater display of contempt for equality than to name a play park after someone who murdered your neighbours.”

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