Not Just Anti-Union Flag but Pro-Tricolour Lo

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Anna Lo’s public support for a united Ireland shatters the myth that Alliance are agnostic on the Union.

“Her comments also expose her economic illiteracy given that Northern Ireland is dependent on being part of the UK to obtain the generous block grant. How exactly do Alliance believe that we would be “better off economically” as part of the bankrupt Republic of Ireland?

“Ms Lo says she believes that for a “corner of Ireland to be part of the United Kingdom … is very artificial”, showing no recognition of the fact that this is only the case because the majority of the people who live here wish to be part of the UK. But then, of course, she makes it clear that she is “anti-colonial”!

“The removal of the Union Flag from Belfast City Hall showed something of Alliance’s true colours. Now Anna Lo has backed Irish unity – revealing that the Tricolour are more her colours”.

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