Northern Ireland’s Destiny Lies with the U.K., not the EU


Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“The arrogance of the EU knows no bounds.

“Barnier decrees Northern Ireland must stay in the single market and customs union. Well, Mr Barnier, whether you like it or not Northern Ireland is part of the sovereign territory of the UK, not the ‘sovereign’ territory of the EU. Our destiny lies with the UK, not the EU.

“Then, he proclaims if the UK does not do his bidding a physical border is inevitable. What he seeks to conceal is it would be EU border checks on EU member state territory (ROI) because not of British belligerence but at EU insistence. All to do with the machinations of the superstate.

“It is past time that the UK stood up resolutely against Brussels. Only then when ‘no deal’ is staring Barnier in the face will the EU sue for terms, for the EU, and especially the Republic of Ireland, has most to lose. They rely more on trade with us than vice versa.”

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