Northern Ireland Health Authorities Must Press Dublin on National Children’s Hospital Fire Safety

Statement by TUV leader Jim Alliser:

“I have today written to the Permeant Secretary in the Department of Health urging him to make very clear to the National Children’s Hospital in Dublin that cutting corners when it comes to fire safety is totally unacceptable. This follows news that the hospital had requested derogation from certain fire safety conditions because of cost.

“Ordinarily this would obviously be a matter solely for the Southern authorities. Indeed, it is a deep regret of mine that it is not a matter purely for the Republic. However, given the foolhardy decision of a DUP Health Minister to end children’s heart surgery at the Royal and send young people from this jurisdiction to Dublin it is a matter which should deeply concern authorities in Northern Ireland.

“There can be no compromise when it comes to fire safety in any building, let alone a children’s hospital. Surely we in the United Kingdom have learned that lesson after the disaster in London just a few months ago.”


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