No to a “Place in the Sun” for Terrorists

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Attempts by the Red Hand Commando to have their organisation de-proscribed because, as Jim Wilson put it this morning, they want “their place in the sun” must be rejected by all right thinking people.

“Many people were denied the right to live out their full lives never enjoy a sun soaked retirement because of the terrorism of the Red Hand Commandos.

“If, as they claim, they really have changed why would they want to be remain associated with a terrorist organisation which murdered people? Why retain your membership of an origination formed to kill and terrorise if you feel true remorse? Disbandment, not legalisation, is the response of genuine remorse.

“We have the disgusting situation today in Northern Ireland where paramilitaries have been encouraged to morph into state funded charities. Anything they can do a legitimate charity can do better without the baggage. Now they seek to use that position to legitimise their terror group.

“This proposal will disgust and outrage victims of all terrorist groups and should the proposal not result in a swift and firm rejection I have no doubt that other terrorist groups, loyalist and republican, will seek to follow suit. If successful, the Red Hand Commandos will have created the template for legalising the IRA.

“The muted reaction of much of the political establishment in Northern Ireland to this suggestion is concerning but speaks once again to the immoral place which “peace process” politics has brought us to.”

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