No Return to Haass

Reacting to comments from the Republic’s Foreign Minister TUV leader Jim Allister said:

“The issues like flags and parades which were discussed as part of the Haass process are Strand One matters which are internal to Northern Ireland.  Charlie Flanagan should mind his own business.

“The Unionist parties could not have been clearer. The statement which TUV agreed with the other parties and to which we expect all parties to hold, read:

“The DUP and UUP will end their participation in the now fruitless Leaders talks.  With OTR enquiries underway following the scandal of comfort letters being provided to republican terrorists both parties have already indicated that the issue of the past cannot be resolved at this time.  In addition the positions adopted by SF and the SDLP in Dungiven, Belfast and Portadown demonstrate that they do not possess the fairness, flexibility and moderation that is essential if we are to achieve an outcome that would reflect the principles of respect and tolerance that are needed to reach a resolution.”

“Nothing has changed in relation to parading situation and nothing has changed in relation to the OTR letters.

“Therefore there can be no question of a resumption of these “fruitless” talks which were based on the flawed and anti-Unionist Haass proposals.”

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