No One Believe Stormont Has Credibility on Paramilitaries

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“I am not at all surprised that the Treasury has withheld the £5m promised to tackle paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland.

“All too often Westminster has been willing to join Stormont in turning a blind eye to the continued existence of illegal terrorist groups in our Province but it seems that when it came to this issue HM Treasury has decided to call time on money being squandered with no desirable outcome.

“Just last week I challenged co-First Minister McGuinness on the total lack of credibility of the Executive when it comes to disbanding paramilitary organisations when he denies the findings of last year’s Government panel that the IRA exists, has murdered, retains weapons and is overseen and controlled by an Army Council.

“If half the government denies the existence of one of the major paramilitary organisations in Northern Ireland how can it claim that it has a policy to achieve the disbandment of paramilitary groups?

“Clearly no one believes that Stormont has any credibility on this issue, one which cuts to the heart of the morality of Northern Ireland’s political arrangements.”  


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