No back door Irish Language legislation

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“With Arlene Foster leaving open as many doors as she can to try and placate Sinn Fein and get back into government with the wreckers, it is important to reiterate that Irish Language legislation, whether free standing or otherwise, is a bridge too far.

“As the Grand Master put it, “Any legislation, no matter what it’s called or how its packaged, which underpins the Irish language in a legal framework will have massive implications for local government, the courts, the civil service, schools and everyday life in Northern Ireland.”

“This stance is right because meeting Sinn Fein’s politically-driven demands would make Irish an official language on a par with English not just on every road sign but in our institutions and public service (all at huge cost) and disadvantage non-Irish speakers in public service recruitment, all in pursuit of hallowing out our Britishness and making unionists alienated in their own land. Thus, no unionist should be contemplating compromise on this defining issue.

“No matter how it is dressed up Irish Language legislation must be resisted, not accommodated.

“So, saying No to a free standing ILA is not the only imperative, rejecting lrish language legislation propped by the crutch of something for Ulster Scots is equally necessary.”

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