Message from TUV candidate Cllr Timothy Gaston to voters of North Antrim

TUV candidate Cllr Timothy Gaston said:

“This election is about two ‘Unions’. The first, the Union with GB, requires to be cherished and strengthened, the second, the European Union, we need to escape from.

“I am a resolute unionist. I believe passionately in the United Kingdom and our future within it. I see an exciting and prosperous future for our great nation outside the EU. I want to make a success of Brexit and ensure North Antrim shares in the unfolding opportunities

“We’ve suffered hard blows with the loss of JTI and Michelin. Meanwhile Stormont has been a calamitous failure. Other candidates want to tether us to such failure. We say we need to move on.

“Stormont has brought us perpetual crisis, not good government. Yet, it costs £45m every year – while the NHS goes short and schools scramble for cash.

“We can’t go on like this. We need government. If we can’t get it from Stormont then let’s have it from Westminster.

“I know what it is to achieve for my constituents on the Council. I will bring the same dedication and energy to serving you in Parliament.”

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