McDonald Welcomes Flooding Group for Toome Road

Statement by Alderman Stewart McDonald, TUV Bannside:

“This time last year after significant flooding in the Ahoghill area, I was involved with a community led initiative to get all those involved together in one place in an attempt to confront the repeated flooding issue.

“On Thursday evening I took the opportunity to add my support to the community of Toome Road by getting involved in their campaign – it consisted of community representatives and those impacted by flooding, political representatives and representatives from NI Water, Rovers Agency, NI Fire Brigade, Transport NI and the Red Cross.

“This is a significant step forward to have those most impacted sitting together with the experts from the different agencies. It is through this multi-agency approach and sharing of vital information that we can all attempt to get to the heart of the problem.

“Many of the areas involved have seen repeated flooding for decades – with today’s technology and expertise a real focus has to be made to find lasting solutions, not just a sticking plaster approach.

“I am ready to roll up my sleeves to do what I can when there is an emergency, but it is high time proper preventative measures are put in place.”

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