McCann Announcement Reminds Public of Impact of Ann’s Law

Statement by TUV MLA Jim Allister:

“Whatever the full story behind Jennifer McCann stepping down as an MLA to become an “advisor” to the Health Minister the story is a reminder of the positive impact of Ann’s Law.

“McCann cannot become a Special Adviser – paid out of public funds – due to the fact that she was sentenced to 20 years for the shooting of an RUC officer.

“Thanks to the efforts of TUV in Stormont and the courageous campaign of Ann Travers the Special Advisers Act bars anyone with a serious conviction from being named a special political adviser (SPAD).

“Because of this legislation McCann is barred from becoming a SPAD and Sinn Fein/IRA will have to pay her out of their own party funds.

“That is a significant victory for victims as it reminds both the public and Republicans that in this respect at least they cannot escape the consequences of their actions.”


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